TOM VU’s illustrious career, spanning over two decades, stands as a testament to his consistent excellence in client services and business development.

Having navigated diverse roles—from Key Account Manager and Brand Manager to Product Manager and Managing Partner—at established firms and communication agencies, Tom has consistently demonstrated his profound capacity to grasp client needs and translate them into successful strategies.

In his current role as the Business Development Director at Brandidas Vietnam, Tom seamlessly merges his extensive experience with an innate ability to comprehend and cater to clients. This synergy drives the agency’s growth and firmly establishes it as a pinnacle of client-focused communication prowess.

Tom Vu’s exceptional career is a vivid embodiment of his philosophy, “Think less, dream more,” underscoring his unparalleled mastery of client services and positioning him as an esteemed pioneer in business development.


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Founder | Managing Director

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Business Development Director

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